“It’s easy to give Can-Can a rave review. This first show of the Paper Mill season is not to be missed.” 

"CAN-CAN at Paper Mill is Beyond Spectacular."

“The score shines with some of Cole Porter’s beloved classic songs...”

“Dazzles”  “Unforgettable”   “David Lee’s direction is energetic and exciting...”

"Thumbs Up! Can-Can Has All the Makings of a Broadway Winner."

“Gorgeous tunes”  and  “High-kicking choreography”

 “This winning revival has all the elements that should make it a hit on Broadway.”

"Broadway-bound Can-Can at Paper Mill is magnificent"

 "Can-Can at the Paper Mill Playhouse is so very beautiful, so very clever and so very, very French."

 "This Broadway-bound revival... breathes new life into the 1953 Cole Porter musical"

"Unbelievable dance numbers by a supremely talented and gifted ensemble"

"You will love this show." - Worrall Media


“The luminous Kate Baldwin"  “The suavely sinister, sexy Michael Berresse"

 “Ms. Baldwin, statuesque in Ann Hould-Ward's sumptuous costumes, and in beautiful voice, performs another enduring standard, the haunting 'I Love Paris'”

“The dancing is zesty, and Ms. Colombo's can-can sequences have all the high-kicking energy you could ask for.” - The New York Times

 "Can-Can at the Paper Mill Playhouse is... pure Champagne."

“When you hear Kate Baldwin, as the nightclub owner Pistache, rendering two of Porter's most exquisite songs, "Allez-Vous En" and "I Love Paris," in an exquisite voice, you have — decidedly — gotten your money's worth.” -


“Show-stopping”  “A handsome production.” - Huffington Post

“Explosive energy”

“Virtuosic ensemble members seem like human confetti canons, squealing as they swirl their skirts and dispense high kicks to rival the Rockettes.” - The Star Ledger


“Can- Can strikes gold at Paper Mill.”  “Fabulous” -

 “Extraordinary”   “Beautiful”   “Showstopping”

 “Some of the most talented comic performers in the business…”

“Storytelling blends seamlessly with athleticism, artistry, and unadulterated entertainment, which, at its core, "C'est Magnifique." - Theatermania

 "...A show needs to be very good and ready to go in order to move to Broadway.  Well the news is that it is THAT GOOD!"

  "Patti Colombo's choreography absolutely steals the show... this is Olympic equivalent performing."

 "Outstanding"   "Amazing ensemble" - Newark Theater Examiner


“Can-Can” is a triumph...You'll understand in moments why it’s Broadway bound."

"Patti Colombo’s choreography is phenomenal!...I needed to catch MY breath!"

"Should you go for the dancing? ...for the delicious Cole Porter lyrics? For the winsome cast, brilliant singing, or ...stage craft? Mais Oui! Mais Oui! Mais Oui!" - Q Onstage



"Patti Colombo, the most exciting musical theatre choreographer around, stages the dances... The Can-Can [dance number is] ravishingly performed to the show's title tune in a sequence that builds to intoxicating joyousness."  - BroadwayWorld New Jersey